Redemption by Gods will and not mans


God’s own: called his bride, his sheep, his called out ones etc, were redeemed by another, not by their will, wholly outside them, and fully accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ. No other possibility, for Christ said he came to do the fathers will John 6:38, that of saving his people from their sins. Luke 1:68 (Jew and Gentile = TRUE ISRAEL. It is not our pride, not our nature (depraved Genesis 6:5, Romans 3:10-19 etc) not our stony heart (pun – under law of Moses, i.e. the stone of commandments that Were against us) and surely not of our wills. …. which were born, (newly created as the new creation in HIM) not of blood (race- Jewish pride in their covenant race), Nor of the WILL of the flesh (by mans effort in obeying the law/NOT), Nor of the will of man (like we brought something to the table), BUT OF GOD. John 1:13 KJV.


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